Monday, September 15, 2008

Bargain Shopping Rules-#1

The number one rule in bargain shopping is-If you don't need it, it's not a bargain!
I looove bargain shopping. I get a thrill walking into a Loehmans or a Filene's Basement. It might be a lot more work looking through all those racks, but most of the time it's worth it. I especially love looking through clearance racks. As I'm perusing my clearance racks I notice a lot of people buy stuff they wouldn't normally buy. Just because it's a great bargain, doesn't mean it's a great bargain FOR YOU.

If you buy something and then never wear it, never fit into it, etc. it's not really a bargain. Chances are, if you weren't willing to pay full price for it, than you don't really need it or even want it.

However, I do have an exception to this rule. There are certain stores where I will never pay full price for most of their items. It's not because I don't like the items or don't want them, it's because I know eventually they will go on sale. I tell my boyfriend this and he just doesn't believe me. When it comes to the Gap, Banana Republic, Express, Old Navy, and Aero, pretty much every item they have will eventually go on sale. These stores run on a cyclical retail schedule. Meaning, they have new items coming in quite frequently. Well, they have to make way for those new items, and that means getting rid of the old items. If you need it right then, than by all means buy it-but hold on to the receipt! If an item goes down in price with in two weeks you can bring in your receipt for a price adjustment. If you can wait, good, chances are you will get that item a lot cheaper either in the store, or on the website.

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