Monday, September 15, 2008

Bring the spark back to your bod

Dieting, exercising, living a healthy lifestyle. It’s all something that at one point or another we’ve all tried to incorporate in to our lives. Those three have been my top New Years’ resolutions for about 10 years now. Luckily, there are many on-line resources to help you achieve these goals. My favorite is Sparkpeople.

Sparkpeople is an on line community and on line diet tool. This isn’t a diet in the sense of starving or depriving yourself, but simply cutting portion sizes on the bad stuff, and incorporating a lot more of the good stuff in to your daily lives. Sparkpeople provides you with an customized “diet” plan, a food log, and an exercise log. This is on top of the articles and videos that provide you with a huge outlet of nutritional information and exercise tips.

Sparkpeople is also an on line community. You can join groups based on your weight loss goals, location, age, hobby, pretty much anything. It’s a very supportive environment and is great when you need a little extra boost.

If you’ve had trouble getting rid of some of the bad habits, while incorporating more of the good (like me!) than Sparkpeople is a great resource.

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