Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Emmy Style on the Cheap

I don't know if any of you gals have ever read The Budget Babe, but she takes celeb looks and breaks them down itno affordable items. I decided to cop her style for the Emmys.

All in all I found the Emmy ceremony itself beyond boring. Sadly, some of the dresses were boring as well, but there were a certain few that I really liked. A.B.S. Schwartz always comes out with Emmy "inspired" designs, but I decided to find my own.

Warning: It's hard to find affordable exact dupes of these dresses, so they are just inspired styles!

Vanessa Williams appears to be completely ageless. In fact, I think she gets hotter with age. All though she caught some flack for this dress, I really liked it. The pattern was beautiful and the black and white kept it really simple.

This dress is from Gojane and costs $99.99 with optional spaghetti straps and a shawl. The pattern is obviously not the same, and this can actually be quite similar to Jennifer Love Hewitt's dress as well, but I didn't like hers as much as Vanessa's!

Emitations jewelry (a great resource for amazing cz jewelry) all ready put out replicas of the hottest Emmy jewels. Vanessa happened to be one of the celebs duped. I NEED this bracelet and earing set. The earings are $75 and the bracelet is $75, which may be a bit steep compared to your local Claires (which can also work for this look), but these have more staying power quality wise.

Another look that I liked, but maybe not for the Emmys, was Lauren Conrads dress. She designed it herself, and I do think it's really pretty, but let's be serious, we've seen it before. Any who, she looked beautiful, but I wish she glammed it up a bit more!

This LC inspired dress is a really pretty alternative. It's more of a satin finish than LC's jersey knit, so it makes a bit more proper for a formal event. The jeweled bust even replaces the need for a broch.

Emitations also loved LC's jewels and duped them exactly. How pretty!

I am SUCH a Law & Order:SVU freak. I watch it on USA like every night and TiVo the marathons. I've always thought Mariska Hargitay was beyond gorgeous. She looked especially radiant at the Emmy's in a beautiful canary number.

This yellow dress from Gojane ( only $76!!) alsoreminds me of the dress that Kate Hudson wore in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days", but the main gorgeous factor of Mariska's dress was the pop of yellow. If you're interested in the draping, I reccomend a shawl or even a scarf.

Mariska's jewels from the pics I saw were of golden with darker stones. This bangle from Lulus is only $11 and poses a nice contrast to the dress. These earings from Overstockjeweler are Juicy inspired and a gorgeous dupe of Mariska's gold dreap earrings.

I've never watched Heroes, but I think Hayden Panettiere is ADORABLE. She looked so classicaly chic at the Emmys. It's so nice to see a hot, young girl not dress like a hot, young hooker!

This dress from Edress me is an EXACT replica of Hayden's dress, except it's a dark purple color. Hey, jewel tones are really in this season! At $190 it's a bit pricer than the others, but it's a gorgeous dress, that will be in for many seasons to come.

I decided to forgo the jewelry on this look, since I found this purse on Overstockjewelr. I know at $500 this is SUPER expensive,but OMG I want it! Also, compared to the thousands that a real Judith Lieber dress costs, it's a bargain!

...Until the next award show.


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