Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Home Gym-Part 1

I'm starting a new series on how to make yourself a home gym on the cheap. This won't require an expensive treadmill or elpitical machine.

There are so many gyms around me with memberships topping $40 a month! That's almost $500 a year on a gym membership alone! Add that on top of sneakers, bottled water and the correct sports bra and it costs a lot to stay in shape!

However, you don't need a gym to stay fit or in shape. One of my fave ways to excercise, outside of the gym is by doing a fitness DVD. They have gotten a lot better since the days of "Sweatin' to the Oldies."

The first, in a series of reviews, is Slim and Sleek Fast from Self Magazine.

The DVD description:
SELF, the premier magazine devoted to women’s health and well-being, delivers a workout designed to make you look and feel strong, confident and sexy. With these fun, easy-to-follow moves, you will trim and tone all over, and achieve the body you’ve always wanted in as little as four weeks, regardless of your current fitness level. This expertly designed routine will motivate you to reach all your fitness goals – fast! Best of all, SELF magazine’s Slim and Sleek Fast! workout will help you burn more calories with a combination of cardio and resistance training workout. Get ready to achieve your most slim and sleek body!

The only thing needed for this work out (besides the dvd, dvd player and a tv) is your fave excercise outfit and a pair of light dumbells (3-8 pounsd). This is more of a cardio work out, with a brief toning portion where the dumbells come into play.

The DVD is split into different segments. The first segment is a simple warm up, just to get your body ready for the work out. The next segment is a ballet inspired segment which I really like. This segment consisted of movements such as plies (sp?) and rear leg extensions. My heart rate began rising during this segment, as well as my lower body getting a decent work out as well.

The next two segments are more cardio inspired and feature high impact moves including jumps. One of the girls in the back does the low impact movement, but if you can help it, try to stay with the high impact movements. The high impact moves not only help in burning more calories, but in firming your leg muscles.

The next segment is the toning segment and consists of basic weight moves such as bicep curls and squats. As I hate toning, I didn't like this part of the dvd, but it helped round out the work out.

There is also a bonus segment called "Total Body Turnaround". This segment consists of a series of moves to help with toning. These movements would be a great addition to the end of any cardio work out.

Overall, I would give this DVD an A-. It's a great cardio work out for beginners, those who might not want to do high impact aerobics, and for those chilly winter months when it's too cold to go outside!


Anonymous said...

i've been having trouble finding time to make it to the gym these days. i'm not sure if i have to pay to break my gym membership, but i may have to. like you said, its $40/month and i haven't been getting my money's worth. we have a gym at our apt, and i like the dvds too, so why pay the price? where exactly can you find these dvds?

Keedah said...

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