Monday, September 15, 2008

I'll Swap Ya

Swaps seem to be making a big come back! There are now a slew of websites where you can swap online and if you check out, you can possibly find a swap meet in your area.

The most popular items being swapped online are books, dvds, cds and video games. My personal favorite site is Titletrader. You list any items that you have available for swap. Someone then requests the item and the website gives you a shipping label to print out. You dohave to pay for shipping, however when you request an item it’s like getting that money back. Once you ship the item, you confirm it on the website. When the person receives the item, and leaves feedback, you are then given “swap points”. You can then use these points to shop around the site. Most books are 1 point, dvds 2-4, cds 1-2 and I haven’t looked at video games yet.

Another popular swap idea is “Girlfriend” swaps. How many times have you cleaned out your closet and thought “Ughh, this doesn’t fit anymore! or “Why the hell did I buy this?”. Don’t just throw it away or give it to good-will, have your girlfriends go through their stuff and make a pile of the things they would like to get rid of. Now invite all of your girlfriends over, pop open a bottle of wine and enhance your wardrobe. Chances are you will come away with a few good items, and if there’s any left overs just donate them.

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