Monday, September 15, 2008

Love Tag!

Love you schlong time rules:
1. Write down 5-10 ways your relationship ticks and works for you!
2. Include a brief history of how you and your significant other met or a timeline, whichever you prefer
Best part? NO WORD LIMIT!

He Makes Me Laugh

Jason is just so dumb sometimes that it makes me laugh. He says things that no one else I’ve ever met can say. When I’m down, the first thing he does is try to make me laugh. He’s not a good joke teller (by any means), but just his stories and mannerisms (he’s from PA, need I say more ) keep me laughing all the time.

We Can Play

It’s important to remember that we’re 23, not 43. We play with each other all the time. As we are both big sports teams (him Pittsburgh, me NY) we get into quite a bit, but it’s fun to take playful jabs at each other. He reminds me constantly not to take myself too seriously.

He Likes My Friends

Instead of my best friend Anthony running to give me a hug, he runs right passes me and gives Jason a hug. The best part? Jason hugs him right back. Even though Jason is my boyfriend, and we weren’t really friends before we started going, I consider him my best friend also. He fits right in with my friends. As my friends have been there through thick and thin, it was really important to me that he respect them and vice versa.

He Lets Me, Be Me

I consider myself a bit of a contradiction. I live for over priced hand bags (Coach is my obsession!), but can rattle of baseball facts with the best of them. I know the rules from Emily Post, but I curse like a sailor. I getting dressed up, but rarely find an occassion to do it. Jason lets me do all of this. He might not understand it all, but he doesn’t judge me for it and I love that.

He Supports Me

After I graduated (with a very expensive degree I might add), I realized that my degree wasn’t going to make me happy. I took an administrative assistant job and began getting my masters in Education. Instead of thinking that was dumb, or asking me why, he just supported me. He was happy for me when I got a job, teases me that I have exams still, but helps me study!

My Family=His Family

Literally, Jason is currently living with my dad to save some cash. My dad loves him like a son, and Jason loves my dad too. As my dad is going through a bit of a rough patch right now, Jason is there to save him (and at the same time me). Oh, he also walks my dog and feeds my cat!


Mid October 2004- I actually liked his roomie, Jon. After getting to know Jon, I realized I only liked his looks and not much else. While getting to know Jon, I kinda fell for Jason.

Halloween 2004-Me dressed up as a lady bug, and him dressed as God knows what, we met up at Halloween party. It was an embarassing night for me. I look back at it and laugh, because if not I’d be so embarassed!

November 13,2004-After a couple weeks of flirting that took me nowhere, I was ready to give up on Jason. My roomies left me alone for the weekend so Jason spent the night. We spent the entire night in each others arms

November 14, 2004-First kiss at last! We consider that our anniversary, since we haven’t looked back since.

December 2004-The first time we exchange “I love yous”. They came fast, but we meant it.

September 2005-The begining of our first year at Penn State’s main campus. We spent every weekend together.

May 2007-We graduate college. Jason was moving to Atlanta for a job shortly after graduation, I was moving back to New York. Jason ended up staying in Atlanta for a year. It was s0o0o hard, and we fought constantly. We weren’t the best at long distance relationships.

August 2008-Jason moves up to NY and moves in with my dad. It’s like we’re “newlyweds” again haha. I love having him here, so far our weekends have been spent being bums and watching baseball/football games.

November 14, 2008- We’ll be celebrating our 4-year anniversary (KNOCK ON WOOD!) in Boston. Boston is my second fave (behind New York of course) city in the world. Jason has never been and I’m crossing my fingers that he falls in love with it , as much as I did.

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Tisha said...

I really like this post... it shows how much you love Jason. You two are a great match! =)

P.S. Your blog is great... you are the trendy fashion guru with lots of fabulous tips!

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