Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Style Mags

I wanted to talk about magazines for a second. I get so many magazines each month it's ridicolous. I do subscribe though (because it saves HOW much on the cover price?). I love looking through my glossies each month, but one thing usually bums me out a bit. The prices of some of the clothes in the fashion spreads. Magazines have gotten a lot better with mixing high priced/low priced items, but some items are still out of my price range (ok when it comes to Glamour and Marie Claire A LOT of items are out of my price range). This is where my secret pleasure comes in-Don't laugh! I read Seventeen Magazine each month for their fashion and beauty tips (I don't necessarily need tips on flirting with my first boyfriend haha). They feature affordable brands such as H&M, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and clothing from Target and Macy's. All though a lot of their styles are considered "junior" style, a lot of the looks can be tweaked to be more age appropriate. If you're in need of some affordable fashion advice, may I reccomend some teen mags. Just please-no denim miniskirts and aero hoodies!

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