Monday, September 15, 2008

What to Splurge on-Wardrobe Edition

I’m currently on the quest to find my “signature” store. I feel like I’ve been completely losing my sense of style lately, and need to figure it out. There are tons of places that I buy my more “trendy” pieces from, but every woman’s wardrobe should have some basics. These are the areas of our wardrobe that we can splurge on. They are the building blocks of our wardrobe.

Where to splurge:

1. A bra-A properly fitting bra can make a $2 t-shirt look fabulous. It doesn’t matter how expensive of a garment you’re wearing if the girls are pointing the south! Go to your local Victoria’s Secret and get properly measured. Try on many different styles of bras and if you find one that fits well, buy it in a few different colors. If you’re going to splurge on a bra, it pays to take good care of it. Hand wish any bras with woolite and hang to dry.

2. Seamless Undies-I hate the word panties, so I will use the term undies. This is another under garment that’s necessary to make any garment look good. Those white pants from Forever 21 won’t look so hot with (ughh i have to say it) panty lines.

3. Jeans- Jeans is something that I normally go a bit cheap on, but I think every woman should splurge on one pair that makes them feel like a bombshell for a hot night out on the town.

4. Shoes- I don’t know about you, but if my feet hurt that rest of my body hurts, so shoes isn’t something you should go cheap on. Don’t get me wrong, I own about 10 pairs of Old Navy flip flops, but the correct fit and material is very important for shoes. If you’re going for work shoes, it’s important to buy real leather, as a synthetic material doesn’t let the foot breathe. No one wants sweaty, smelly feet. It’s also important to buy the right sneakers. If you’re going running and don’t have a proper running sneaker, it can really wreak havoc on your feet.

5. A winter coat (not a ski one!)-A classic winter coat can serve two purposes: Keep you warm and keep you stylish in an otherwise unglamourous season. A lot of people choose either a classic pea coat, which rarely provides enough warmth, or some kind of ski parka, which rarely provides enough style. It’s important to combine elements of both. I recommend something a little longer, as no one wants a cold butt!

6. One pair of black pants-A well cut, nice fitting pair of black pants can take you from work to a night out on the town. The one splurge pair should be hemmed to fit well with your favorite/most comfy pair of heels. Why only one pair? Most of us don’t wear the same shoes every day, so we will need different hems on our pants. Also, black pants can be seen anywhere from Forever 21 prices to high end designer. This one pair should be your go to pair for an important meeting or an important date.

7. One crisp white oxford (button down)-A white oxford is one of those classic pieces that just seems to transcend time and trends. This can also be used for that go-to business outfit. Avoid trendy ruffles or buttons on this one splurge, you can save on the more trendier versions of this classic piece.

8. One totally unnecessary but oh so luxurious splurge-A cashmere anything! I purchased my first 100% cashmere sweater last winter, and I can’t wait to add more cashmere items to my closet. When I put it on I instantly feel more glamorous. If you’re going to splurge on a cashmere item, again get something classic, my piece is a grey cardi. There’s no use in spending all that money, if the shape or details are only “in” for one season.

These are just some basic items that every wardrobe should have. They are again, the building blocks, of a classic Jackie-O inspired wardrobe. Many may feel that there are other areas that deserve splurges. My other area is purses. I don’t even want to dive in to how many Coach bags I own. Get items like this, and make them your own by adding inexpensive trendy pieces and accessories.

One warning though, if you’re going to spend the money on these pieces, make sure to take care of them properly and get them tailored if needed.

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