Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Extra Cashh

As the economy continues to tumble people are looking for some ways to make extra cash to supplement their income, or people are looking for a little part time job. This is a situation where becoming a direct seller may come in handy.

What is direct selling? If you have ever purchased a lip gloss from Avon, a necklace from a jewelry party or attended the ever popular tupper ware party, you have participated in direct selling.

Direct selling is defined as the sale of a consumer product or service, person-person, away from a fixed retail location.

I know that in this tight economy, people may not be wanting to spend as much on lipglosses, tupperware or jewelry, but you can get some amazing deals with some of these companies and most companies have great customer service departments.

If you are good at networking, than direct selling is definitely right for you. My boyfriend one summer sold Cutco knifes. He started knowing only a handfull of people and through them made more and more contacts. Selling knives he made about 10 grand that summer! Granted, people were more willing to pay for super knives back then haha.

I searched the Direct Selling Association for some companies that I thought my readers may be interested in.

Fiftth Avenue Collection (jewelry)

For Every Body (candles, home decor)

Initials Inc. (personalized stuff-so cute!)

Lia Sophia (jewelry-great deals-my fave "party")

Mary Kay (cosmetics)

Party Lites (candles and accessories)

Purse Party

The Body Shop (Yup, that awesome store in the mall)

There are tonnnns more out there on everything from books, to home goods, to lingerie. Pretty much everything you would buy in a store, could be bought from direct selling. So go check out the Direct Selling site above and browse through the directory.

I myself am a direct seller and have been for a few years with Mark Cosmetics (of Avon). Check here for my on-line store. Contact me at fabulouslythrifty@gmail.com if you have any questions about Mark or any of the Direct Selling info.


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