Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Review

This past Friday was my 4 year anniversary with my bf. Last year we were apart for our anniversary, so I wanted this one to be special. My fave city (next to NYC of course) is Boston and Jason had never been. So we planned a weekend in Beantown to:
1. Celebrate
2. Do something different
3. Introduce Jason to the city I hope to one day call home

We left Friday and just chilled at our hotel and ate at the Pub attached to the hotel. We stayed at Club Quarters in the Financial District. It was nice, but the neighborhood sucked! There were cafes and places to eat everywhere that were ALL closed because they just catered to the money makers during the week.

Saturday we went to the JFK Museum and Library (Yes, I like history so I had a totally dorky weekend planned).

It was absolutely gorgeous and right on the water. It was really interesting and had some pretty cool stuff in there. I spend my summers on Cape Cod so there isn't a lot I didn't know about the Kennedys.

After we had a quick bite at the museum and had to wait for the bus to come, we walked along the waterfront. This was November, in Boston, and we were walking around comfortably in long sleeved tees.

After the Museum we headed over to Boston Commons for the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is a walk, a loooong walk, around Boston highlighting it's historical stops. We saw the burial grounds of Sam Adams (not just a beer!), Ben Franklin, Paul Revere, we saw the oldest school in America, the oldest building in America, the U.S.S. Constitution and passed a lot of good shopping and eats along the way. About 5 miles later though, we were EXHAUSTED and it was beginning to rain. Time to head back to the hotel.

That night we headed to the North End for our fancy dinner. We ate at an italian restaurant: Luccas. S0o0o much food and s0o amazingly delicious.

Sunday we spent the day shopping and just walking around. It was a truly fab weekend.

So, why am I blogging about all this? Well, first of all I had a great time and wanted to write about! Secondly (is that a word?) it was a TOTALLY affordable trip. If you're a North-Easterner or New England-er Boston is a really great weekend trip.
Cost breakdown:
-Gas ($1.95 a gallon in MA!) Total: About 40 something (the boy had filled up prior to us leaving)
-Hotel: $154 a night (Club Quarters). The room was really tiny, but it was clean and comfy. The amenities were decent if we were to actually be there a lot: purified bottle water, free wi-fi, free cardio equipment delivered to your room, etc. It was in a weird neighborhood but two blocks from the subway and some decent shopping.
-JFK Museum-$8 with old student ID (shhh!)
-Freedom Trail-FREE! A few of the stops (Paul Revere's house) cost like $4, but you don't have to stop in them to get the full ambience
-Charlie Ticket (Subway pass)-We spent $12 on the day to get around the wholllle city

Boston is a great walking city and everything is super close! You can get as fancy or low-key as you want and a lot of the "touristy" things are super affordable.

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