Friday, December 19, 2008

From the heart-Moms, Aunts, Grandmas

The women in our lives are super important and after all they have done for us, now is a great time to try to express to them how much we appreciate them. Gifts from the heart are the perfect way to accomplish this.

Note cards-
Michaels and A.C. Moore sell blank cards by the dozens for $5 each (and hello 50% off coup!) This is where creativity comes in. I just received note cards with beautiful photographs glued to the front. The pics were all taken in Cape Cod, which is where my family lives. If you don't love nature like photos, why not copy some photos of you and the person you're giving the cards to through the years. Your first pic of the two of you were when you were a baby, up to the most recent. If photos aren't your think, there's tons of stickers, papers, punches, any kind of scrapbooking supplies to make a pretty card.

Scrapbooks are a fantastic gift for anyone close in your life. However, moms and Grandmas find these particulary charming. Head to Michaels and buy up a bunch of supplies and get started. If you aren't the super crafty person, try Scrapblog. This awesome site allows you to make a "digital" scrapbook using different "papers", "stickers", everything. I'm addicted to this site. Now you can get them printed to you and sent out like a real scrapbook. Of course this idea is a bit late for Christmas delivery, but if you print out a single page to give to them and let them know the rest is on the way, it's still a lovely gift.
If you want to give something right away, try an "instant" scrapbook from Hallmark. An instant scrapbook has pages, stickers, and layouts all ready set up. You just pop in your pictures and some journaling.

A spa day
No, not an expensive spa day at some ritzie spa, but an at home spa day. Head back to my handy craft site, or head to your local bookstore and jot down some home spa recipes. Put these recipes in some cute jars purchased at Michaels or a thrift shop and create labels on directions. Throw in a pair of slippers and voila-instant spa day.

A recipe book or recipe cards
If you come from a family with a lot of recipes passed down between generations, Christmas is a wonderful time to put them all together for easy access. If you want, you can put them in scrapbook form. If not, simply get some nice textured or patterned paper and type them out. I still reccomend using a scrapbook, because you want the recipes covered in plastic.

These are just a few ideas in case any of you ladies are stuck on what to get those important women in your life.

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