Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

You do it every day (as do I!). Make a fabulous list of New Years resolutions and by my birthday (January 15th) they're all out the window. 2009 however can be different. All it takes is a little planning in advance and of course some dedication.

A great way to make resolutions stick is to break them down into smaller, more attainable goals. This year I plan on breaking my goals down into 12 smaller goals, one a month.

For example, the ever popular goal of losing weight/excercising more/eating better/being healthier. This year my goal is to be healthier, if this involves losing weight, whatever. I just want to be able to excercise with out getting winded and feel healthier. I get sick all the time, I'm sure my diet and lack of excercise has to be a contributing factor to that. Here is my 2009 monthly breakdown.

January- Exercise three times a week-minimum. If it's going to the gym, doing an exercise dvd or going for a walk/jog.

February- Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my daily routine. I want to start having a salad with my lunch or dinner. It's a great way to get some veggies, and since lettuce is a water based veggie it helps you feel full quicker. I also want to replace my afternoon snack with a fruit or veggie snack. Around 2-3 at work I always begin to crash, and I have a feeling some natural energy will do me better than another can of diet coke.

March- If I'm not doing it all ready, I want to start exercising 5 times a week. I want this to include cardio, weight training and flexibility training, such as pilates or yoga.

April- Master some healthy recipes and begin planning my meals in advance. I find that when I get home from work and feel rushed, I reach for crappy food. If I begin planning and prepping my meals in advance I will never have to stop for fast food or reach for crappy food again.

May- Incorporate exercise into my everyday mundane tasks. Exercise doesn't only happen in the gym or on a jog, you can incorporate exercise into every part of your day. Now, instead of sitting in my chair while I'm on the phone I'm going to do lunges or plies. Instead of emailing my co-worker, I'm going to get off my lazy butt and walk to the person. When I'm watching Gossip Girl, I can do push ups, sit ups or jumping jacks during the commercial. THere is always time to incorporate a little fitness into your day.

And so on. When I look at this huge goal in smaller portions, I really feel that it's attainable. When I meet a monthly goal I plan on rewarding myself with a new cookbook, a mani/pedi, or a new outfit to show off my hot new bod :)

Another way to ensure that your resolutions can be met is to enlist the support of a friend, partner, co-worker or family member who has a similar goal. If you have support and also have the trust of someone else, you will be less likely to bail.

Get the necessary supplies to meet your goal, but don't go overboard. Another one of my goals is to organize my room and therefor, my life! I've started on my closet and only bought what was necessary. Some people can go out and spend a ton on work out gear they won't use, organizing supplies that just create more clutter or any other fad that they chose to buy in to. Take inventory of what you need to meet your goal and ONLY buy that.

Most importantly: write them down and place them somewhere you'll them everyday. Post it in your fridge or by your computer. It's hard to ignore when it stares you down every morning.

What is everyone's New Years Resolutions??

Mine are:
-Be healthy (that's my monthly breakdown up there)
-Stop impulse shopping
-Be a better friend
-Write in my journal
-Organize and declutter my room and my closet
-Take more pictures
-Keep track of my expenses and put away more money.

Now that I wrote them on here, I have everyone else to answer to also haha.
Happy 2009!

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paperdollrevenge said...

Those are some great goals! I like how you set them by month.

My NY resolutions tend to be the same every year, be healthier, more responsible financially, etc. But I think they are so general, I too need to be more specific and maybe even set a timeline for myself like you did!

By the way, I love pilates and yoga! I wish I was rich so I could take fancy classes at private studios (seems much better than the gym or dvds).

Oh honey, you have got to get you some NARS! I am addicted now, love it as much as I love fact, I would love it more if it was cheaper like MAC! Before you gave me your code, I only had one item, but it was LOVE. It was The Multiple Duo, it blends in so nicely! I do hope you'll be able to get some NARS in 2009, maybe even for your birthday!

Gosh, I'm giving up on card making, hehe as sad as it sounds it just took me forever to make that one card! But I do love and miss scrapbooking. Maybe one of these days I can send you a cardmaking magazine, I was a retard last year and accidently both two copies of the same issue (either at dif stores or at Borders different times in the same month). =)

Anyway, Happy New Year! Be safe.

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