Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to look somewhat cute when it's effin cold out!!

This week (my birthday week of course) New York is expected to get a real, genuine blast of arctic air. The high temps predicted for Friday night are in the single digits (this isn't the wind chill here folks!). This isn't necessarily the best time to be thinking about looking cute as temps this low are dangerous, but come on! Who says you can't be somewhat warm and still looking cute?

With temps like this, layering, layering, layering is key!

First we'll start with your chest and top half.

Warm Tops
Warm Tops by Melziebabee

The coat shown here is long and fleece lined. Anything fleece lined gives you some extra warmth. The fact that it's long also keeps more of your body warm with one article of clothing. The fact that it has a tie waist helps keep your shape while wearing a puffer jacket.

The long sleeved tee is a great layering piece and should be worn under any sweater or top even though it will probably never show. It provides a base layer and this is super important on those below freezing days.

If you have the neck and the non-chubby, Melissa like face to wear a turtleneck than go ahead! Keeping your neck warm is always difficult and a turtleneck does the job.

The other sweaters listed are just thick chunky knit which provides the ultimate cuddly feeling and another high neck shirt which is an alternative to the turtleneck.

Now on to our legs.
Pants and tights
Pants and tights by Melziebabee

I'm a fan of wearing tights or thick leggings under a pair of skinny jeans. If you can find a more form fitting pair of long johns than this will definitely be ideal. I like skinny jeans because A: you can tuck them into your boots and B: i like feeling everything close to the body because less wind can get through that way. Cords are a lot more warmer than jeans, but don't flatter every body type. So make sure you try on and experiment on what looks good on you AND keeps you toasty. I forgot to add socks, but now is not the time for skimpy dress socks or ankle socks. It's time to get some thick knee socks. Chances are you will be wearing boots so no one will notice. If you have ski or snowboard socks, this is ideal.

Accessories are super important in the winter and can not only provide some color or "oomp" but keep your butt warm!

winter accessories
winter accessories by Melziebabee

A chunky knit cap that covers your ears is really necessary in this kind of weather. If you're worried about hat hair, clip up a few layers with a tiny clip and undo when you take off the hat. Also, bring a dryer sheet with you as you can rub it on your hair when you get to your destination to get rid of dreaded static. Another good option for a hat is anything lined with fleece. I personally HATE fleece, my hair as well as my dog's and cat's hair is just magnetically attracted to it, but it is super warm, so I'll suffer.

A warm scarf is super necessary to wrap around your neck and your face. Now isn't the time for a thin, chic scarf that has been in style. I personally didn't like chunky knit scarfs because the air just seems to whip right through them, but again it's whatever you are comfy with and keeps you warm.

Scarves are really important and those 99 cent "magic gloves" just won't cut it in single digit temps. Again with the dreaded fleece, but they work!

Leg warmers are just if you're wearing a sleeker pair of boots. Personally, when it's cold out I reach for my Uggs. I seriously hate the way they make my feet look, but those suckers are WARM.

I wanted to disregard all of this information and just not leave my house again until it's warm, but I don't think that will work!

Stay cozy ladies!


paperdollrevenge said...

Aww cute post...maybe one day I'll visit somewhere cold and I'll have to refer back to these tips! hehe It's not fair...it's fricking 84 degrees where I live today...might sound like I'm trying to make you jealous, but I'm actually complaining! It's too warm for January, lol.

And don't worry too much about the pics for my mini contest. Honestly it's really about the blurb, to have a cute pic would be nice if I have time to make little header images or collages etc. (but the pic is just necessary because contests seem to always attract new girls out of the woodworks, so it's nice to see who the new people are).

I hope you have a great birthday! Ohh now that sounds like a picture-taking day/night! =)

Linda said...

Hiya! I couldnt find your email anywhere, so email me at pink@myprettypinkbox.com. I have good news for you!

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