Thursday, January 8, 2009

MAC Makeovers

I need the assistance of all my beauty ladies out there. Next Friday I'm going out to dinner for my birthday and want to get my make up done at Mac. This will be my first time getting my make up done at Mac, and okay don't laugh, my first time actually buying Mac products (other than two things from the CCO). So exactly how does this work? I heard if you make an appointment than you have to buy $50 worth of products? Is this true ladies? If so, what products do you recommend as my first official Mac purchases? I need some help here ladies!!


♥ Kendall ♥ said...

I would get there powder foundation. I use Studio Fix Powder, especailly if they match you well. I would also get eyeshadows, that's my drug of choice. Some brushes.... Don't forget to post pics!!!

paperdollrevenge said...

Yup, it's true! I've done this 3 times before (though it was years ago) and that's actually how I first started buying MAC products too, so it's a great way for you to start and to get a nice makeover for your birthday!

It really depends on what kind of makeup you want to if you want foundation, blushes, etc. It would be nice if they use some of their new collection on you, like the Brunette Blonde Redhead (I've seen blogs with swatches of the MSFs, so check those out!). I would recommend getting an MSF...they're just lovely! =) I also like my MSF Natural (face powder) but it provides less coverage than my Studio Fix Powder.

Other than that, it's really whatever you like! Not to mention how much you want to spend. =)

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