Sunday, January 18, 2009

Quickie Mini Contest

This is my entry for the lovely Paper Doll Revenge's Quickie Mini Contest. The contest is based on the Too Faced Quickie Chronicle products. I had some artsy kinda self-photos stored in my iphoto to go along with my little blog, but my iphoto decided to stop working on me. YAYA. So I had to steal some of my own photos from myspace haha. Their all like 2-3 years old, but oh well.

She's the good girl. Does everything she's told and even asks for more. She's the girl you go to when the world has got you down and she'll do everything to get you back up. The world to her is all candy and gumdrops, nothing bad can ever happen until the good girl.

Eventually, the good girl wakes up. Realizes the world is sweet and sour and doing everything you're told doesn't really get you anywhere. The good girl realizes that being good, doesn't mean the world is good.

But on the outside the good girl she remains. If only you knew, that every good girl has a dark side. Some are just better at hiding it.

Good luck to all the other entries..I loooove this contest! haha

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