Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Shopping Your Closet/Dresser/Armoire

Over my holiday break I took a look into my closet and realized it was a mess. I also took a lot at my recent wardrobe choices and realized I wore the same things quite frequently. I had lost all of my creativity when it came to putting together outfits. I decided it was time to look to the crazy mess that became my closet and my armoire and do something about it. I organized it and now have been putting together new outfits easily every day and found some great pieces that I totally forgot about.

How to organize your closet efficiently:

I know a lot of people organize their closet with tank tops/sleeveless tops first, then t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, sweaters, etc. For me, that just doesn't work. First of all, it's winter in New York. How frequently am I really wearing tank tops and short sleeve tops? Not that much, unless I am layering.

First, a little insight into the lay out of my closet (my camera is misbehaving lately so I apologize for lack of pics). My closet is divided into two by a tower of shelves in the middle. One side there are two bars and the other side just one high bar. The side with the high bar my mom stores a lot of crap and it makes me mad, but let me move on haha.

On the side with the two bars, I keep all of my hanging tops on the top bar. I began with short sleeve shirts since I frequently layer them. I put my shirts lightest to darkest by color. I usually wear way too much black, so instead of organizing by frequency of wearing or favorite tops, etc., I did it this way to help me change up my wardrobe.

The next "section" was my long sleeve shirts, not sweaters or button downs. This is anything that needs to be layered over a cami or just a plan ol' regular shirt. Again, I organized by lightest to darkest by color, just to force myself to wear some white or blue (it's not that bad!)

Next were my sweaters, than tank tops/sleeveless tops, then blazers, than buttown downs. I organized the closet in what is most practical for me to wear now. I have a lot of blazers and button downs, but I work in a fairly casual environment, so I don't wear them frequently. Why do I still have them? I will need to wear something nicer than straight leg jeans and a long sleeve tee when I student teach, so I prepared in advance. All of my summer clothing is put behind all of this on the rack. When it begins to get warmer, I will rotate and put them in front. If you don't have the room, I reccomend getting some under bed boxes and storing your summer clothes and then putting your winter clothes in them when it's time to switch.

I know a lot of people hang their jeans, but I'm just not a fan. I fold mine so the cuff is facing out so I know what kind of wash it is and what kind of leg it is. However, it is imperative to hang pants (not jeans) meaning khakis, dress pants, capris, etc. Denim doesn't tend to wrinkle and usually doesn't need a crease to look neat, some pants however do. It's important to hang them and not keep them tightly packed when hanging because it can lead to wrinkles.

I personally have an armoire so I can see everything when it's folded. However, when I had a dresser I "rolled" my clothes and stored them in the drawer upright. This way I didn't have to shift through a pile of clothes to see what I wanted.

Before you begin any closet or dresser organization it's important to go through your clothes. Make several piles:
-I want this/need this/ no way in hell I'm going to part with this
-I'm not too sure
-Needs to be hemmed/fixed/tailored
-What the hell was I thinking?/Doesn't fit now/Won't fit ever

Get a bag or bax and throw all of your what the hell was I thinking clothes in it for a swap with friends or to donate.

For the other "piles" just lay them on your floor as you go through all of your clothes. Begin by organizing in your closet/dresser/armoire the clothes that don't need to be tailored and you can't part with. Next, take those clothes in to get tailored. What's the point of having great clothes if they don't fit properly? Lastly, have a very honest friend come over and try on all the clothes you aren't sure about. Keep or toss based on their opinions and your own.

Keeping organized in a way that works for you should make getting dressed every morning a lot easier. I hope this little cheat sheet gets you in the mood to shop your closet!

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