Sunday, January 4, 2009

Will this fit?

I don't know about you, but as a budding fashionista I love, love, love What Not to Wear. I love Stacy and Clinton's witty banter and of course their fantastic fashion advice. I do like both of them, but my heart belongs to Clinton. I recently ordered his book, "Freakin' Fabulous" from Amazon and I LOOOOVE it. It's on sale for $14.95 at Amazon if anyone is interested. It covers everything from finding proper fitting clothing for your body size, to serving the right wines with the right food and decorating your bleak living room.

There was one section in the clothing portion that I thought was really helpful and that everyone should know. Did you ever find the perfect jacket on sale, in your favorite color, but the fit was just a bit off? There are some clothing issues that can be fixed by a tailor and some that can't.

Problems that CAN be fixed by a tailor:

-Gap in the back of your pants. This happens to me a lot when trying on jeans. This is one important reason why you should move around and definitely sit down when trying on pants. If you have that gap, but have to have those jeans anyway, you can get them fixed by the tailor. Just ask your tailor to nip in the waist.

-Baggy shirt. If you find a fab sale on a shirt that is too baggy, or have recently lost some weight and don't want to blow cash on a whole new wardrobe, this is an easy fix for a tailor. Just ask your tailor to add darts to the back.

-Sleeves too long. I'm pretty short and have short arms, so I frequently try on shirts and jackets where the sleeves are just way too long. Sometimes, as in with a comfy sweater, I like the sleeves too long, but sometimes they just get annoying. This is one of the easiest things for a tailor to fix.

-Pants too long. Hemming is one of the easiest and most popular fixes for your wardrobes. As a "shorty" myself, I frequently get my pants hemmed. If you're getting pants hemmed though, make sure to ask your tailor to reattach the original hem, or else it just looks a big strange.

Problems that can USUALLY be fixed by a tailor:

-Baggy crotch. A saggy crotch is definitely a fashion no-no. However, this problem can possibly be fixed by a tailor. If a baggy crotch is due to a low waist on the pants, the waist can usually be brought up higher and take it in and a bit and this will lead to the crotch hanging where it should. If the waist is in a comfortable or normal position for you, this problem can't be fixed.

-Peekaboo buttons. You busty ladies know what I'm talking about. A shirt fits and buttons perfectly, except there's a little gap between the buttons right over your boobs. This happens to me all the time and I hate it, because I like a fitted shirt, but don't feel like giving every one a damn peep show. If there is just a little gapping between the buttons you can add a velcro tab or a snap, if it's bigger than that, you need to go up a size.

-Baggy jacket. If your jacket rests nicely on the shoulder, but it's a big baggy around the midsection, this can fixed by asking your tailor to bring in the seam that runs under the armhole to the hem.

Problems that CAN'T be fixed by a tailor:

-Camel toe crotch. Ok, camel toes are NEVER okay. If pants are too tight all up in that region, it's just something that can't be fixed. Put those pants back on the rack-now!!

-Anything you can't button. If you can't button it because it's too tight in the shoulders or can't button over your boobs, it just can't be fixed. Again, put it back on the rack or give it away!

I hope these tips help you out, and if you want some good advice and some humor, I definitely reccomend Clinton's book.

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