Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day-Cash blow out or super saving?

I'm still on the fence on how I feel about Valentine's Day. For one thing, I love all things theme-y (I'm too much like Bridget from Girls Next Door), on the other hand, shouldn't we be expressing our love every day? Should there really be a special day carved out just to let someone know that you love them? To me, I think we should call that, I dunno, Monday instead.

However, my boyfriend and I do "celebrate" it, but we normally celebrate it very cheaply. With November being our anniversary, December Christmas, January my birthday, there is just no money left by February for a big blow out.

This year, we are doing gifts $20 and under and from the heart. I plan on making him something, but I expect to get either something completely store bought or two popsicle sticks glued together haha.

There are tons of little items out there that can let a person know you love them. They don't even have to be Valentine's themed (come on, what guys love Valentine's themed stuff?).

Gift ideas for guys under $20:

-Magazine subscription
-Bake him something! All guys love cookies.
-A framed photo of you two (silver or black frames only, no hearts or mention of love lol)
-Baseball season is around the corner- get him a shirt of his fave team
-Anything he buys himself all the time but hates doing, get him his deodorant, body wash and face wash and throw it in a cute basket
-A manicure..yes I said a this time in the winter, guys hands are TERRIBLE
-Tickets to a movie of his choice
-Something for his pet
-My fave- a book of home made love coupons, mine range from "One viewing of Super Troopers" (I HATE that movie) to naughtier stuff
-Have business cards made for him

There's an endless aray of things you can do or buy for your boyfriend that don't include breaking the bank. To me, any of these gifts on a day OTHER than Valentine's Day, would be much more meaningful.

What do you gals plan on doing with your guy for the V-Day?


Kimberly Tia said...

Thank you for your very sweet cbox message my dear!!! I just love the "fabulous and thrifty" -- that is soo me -- I'm a beauty junkie on a budget!!!! darn it!

have a great week miss!!!

paperdollrevenge said...

Those are all very cute ideas!!

I'm single so I spoiled myself, haha, actually I'm a bit lame as I've bought all these things this past month and have kept them in a box until Valentine's Day to be enjoyed. =P

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