Friday, March 27, 2009

Evolution of Style-Day 2

Ok, so now that I looked at this, it's an exact dupe of my first day of evolution of style with just different items. Why haven't I posted at all in between them? Because my outfits suck!! Monday I'm going to post my F21 Spring/Summer wish list in hope to get some inspiration. I need some advice here ladies!

::Don't mind my messy background::

Jeans-Glo from Kohls-$20
White tee-F21-$5
Blue cardi-Express-$19.50

God, I'm a cheapo!


♥ Kendall ♥ said...

I'm failing at style too :(
I'm going to attempt to go shopping this week. I recruited a friend so I wont venture to MAC or Sephora instead....

Bia said...

I saw you at work wearing this! Super cute - I can't believe the items were so cheap!

Bia said...

Ok, so before you told me about your blog, I've only ever followed one blog EVER in my life - Heidi Merrick's at

For a designer, she's kinda really funny.

Of course, I could never afford her clothes, but if I were a millionaire, or even a thousandaire, I would dress like this every day of my life. Simple, resort-y, uncluttered, and uses only a few gorgeous colors across her line. It's my inspiration when shopping at less bank-breaking stores.

Tammy said...'re not a cheapo!!! You're a smart shopper! I was going to take a pic of my look on Sat but I forgot!! I had on a Walmart Shirt $7, Forever21 Jeans $12.50, and Walmart heels $10. LOL

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