Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lush Haul

I've been reading about Lush from many a beauty blogger lately. I've never been to Lush, but have been studying the website religiously lately. My face care regimen has just not been working lately, and I wanted to try something natural.

I was really excited when my boyfriend and I decided to take a mini trip to the Danbury Fair Mall this weekend and they had a Lush store! I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, but still wanted some info from the sales associate.

The sales associate was super nice and helpful, but a bit too pushy for my liking. I said I liked the smell of one thing and she then brought me pretty much everything in the store that smelled like it. Woah, slow down there lady!

The deal on the website is spend $65 plus and get a free Angels on Bare Skin, but in the store it was spend only $40.

My haul includes (minus the T for Toes Dusting Powder for the beau):

Sweet Japanese Girl Cleanser

I really wanted something to combat my dry skin, and also tone down my break outs I've been having lately. She reccomended this, and I really like bar cleansers. It smells good and it feels good on the skin.

Breath of Fresh Air Spray Toner

This stuff smells so good and feels good on, but I HATE the spray bottle it came in. I wanted something of a mist and instead it just squirts me in the cheek. Will be switching to a new bottle soon.

Hybrid Solid Shampoo

My hair, along with my face, has been super dry lately. The sales associate reccomended this combo shampoo and conditioner. I usually hate combos, but I love them in bar form for some reason. It's just good to have when I want to get in and out of the shower quickly.

My freebie Angels on Bare Skin

This is a pretty decent size freebie if you ask me! I know this is a cleanser, but I've read that most bloggers use it a couple of times a week as an exfoliator. I'm glad, because it's too much work for me to make the paste and slap it on every week lol.

Expect a review in a few weeks after I see how my skin reacts to it. From the first two days though, I'm loving this stuff!


paperdollrevenge said...

Ohhhhhh you went to Lush! Sweet! And how cool that you only had to spend $40 instead of $65 for your Angels on Bare Skin freebie!

They recently closed down the closest Lush store and opened up an even closer one to me! Gah...lol I feel like you, I've been studying their website too!

I can't wait for your reviews. I hope everything works for you! =)

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

Those girls drive me crazy in there. I went in there today and got a little Honey I Washed the Kids.
Did they make you sniff the coffee beans to cleanse your nose palette.

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