Thursday, March 26, 2009

The She Space Sample Haul

A couple of weeks ago I placed an order to The She Space for some of their piggie samples. For only 50 cents a sample, I got quite a few and a variety of choices. I swatched them on my arm with out a base and I really, really suck at taking pics. Please fill me in ladies, how do you always take such vivid make up photos? Granted I'm paler than Casper, but my pics always show up so washed out.
N e who, I pretty much like all of my samples and plan on ordering a few more. The shadows are REALLY shimmery, so if you're not a big shimmer person, these probably aren't for you. I loved the samples and even the personalized handwritten note from the owner, the only thing that bugged me was how random the sample sizes were. Some baggies were filled with the full sample size (enough for five uses) and then some, while one or two baggies had barely any pigment in them. Oh wells! What do I expect for a half a buck??

Swatches (dry, with out a base) from Left to right:
Swim with the fishes, Twisted psychic, Ever so dreamy, feathers and crayons, fairy tale failed, messy moon, waiting for turtles and electric lust

Swatches (dry, with out a base) from Left ro right:
Risky behavior, Snow Capped, Divine Spark, Burned by the Light, Butterfly wishes, Just because, Powder Burn

My faves are snow capped (reminds of Mac vanilla), Divine Spark, Fairy Tale Failed and Waiting for Turtles.

Again, I'm sorry for the crappy pics!!

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