Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Forever 21 Wish/Shopipng List

I shouldn't call anything from Forever 21 a wish list, because even I can afford most of it, but I just wanted your ladies ideas on some of my picks. That store is completely hit or miss when it comes to quality. Sometimes their stuff lasts forever, and sometimes it really is just "disposable" clothing.

Spring wish list-tops
Spring wish list-tops - by Melziebabee on Polyvore.com

I love basics and plan on getting the v-necks and tanks in a lot of colors. For only $4.50 and $3.50 each I can afford a rainbow. I'm really scared of prints, but I was strangely attracted to this floral top. It's very Carrie to me.

bottoms and dresses
bottoms and dresses - by Melziebabee on Polyvore.com

There I am with the florals again. I just bought the book from the Sex and the City movie and it had all of Carrie's outfits. She did a lot of florals, and it was the first time I could actually picture myself in florals, sinc they aren' dainty florals, but bold.
I'm on the very short side, but I'm dying to try a maxi-dress. For this cheap, if it looks dumb on me, I won't mind.

accessories - by Melziebabee on Polyvore.com

Thanks to Blair from GG, I've become quite the headband addict and the rest of the accessories just scream spring and summer to me.
So ladies, which to buy and which to forget about??


Dreamer said...

buy em all!!!

Fabuless Beauty said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! But I agree with Forever21 as hit or miss. But if you're looking for the "look" of the season, I buy cheap, because I know I will only be wearing it for a couple of months max.

Bia said...

Love, love, love the thin headband with the big white flower (although I don't know how practical it is) and florals are great! It's spring! You already know how I feel about ruffles: droooool. Let me know if you put in an F21 order ;p I wittled (ok, superwittled) my cart to 2 items.

Vanessa said...

Hi girly! Thanks so much for the sweet comment and I appreciate the support, yeah it just bugs me how insensitive and ignorant some people can be. Like it's YOUR money who cares what you do with it??! Preach on girl!

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

Get them all!!! F21 has such cute stuff but none of there clothes fit :(......
Damn curvy body!!!

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