Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Weekend Clothing Haul

Recently, my wardrobe has been feeling less than inspired. I'd like to blame it on the cold weather, but I think it is just me. With in the next couple of days I'll be starting a new series called "Evolution of Style". It'll be all about my quest to find my personal style. I'll take a couple of outfit pics through out the week and I want comments from my ladies on what I could to do to liven the look up. I also think seeing more outfits in a picture will help me see what I really look like and how the world views my outfit choices. Any way, on to my haul.

On Saturday, as noted in my previous haul post, the boyfriend and I went to the Danbury Mall. As I just got my tax refund, I really wanted to spend some cash. Unfortunately, other than my Lush haul, I only got one thing :(

I've been wanting a light weight coat for a while, and I really liked this coat from H&M. For $35, you can't beat it.

Most of my wardrobe is all pretty dark and consists of solids. I'm trying to start wearing more bright colors and patterns. I know white isn't really considered a daring color, but for me? Trust me, it is!

Monday I had a snow day. My mom also stayed home from work and when it stopped snowing and we cleared off the car we went down to our local T.J. Maxx. Now, I'm a fan of T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, but I really have to be in the mood to shop there. If you're not in the mood or have the time or patience to look through tons of racks, than this isn't the store for you.

Ok, so I know this isn't exactly bright, and black fits in with most of my current wardrobe, but this light weight cotton ruffle front dress was too cute! Especially for $16, it just couldn't be passed up. I could add some color with accessories or wear it as a tunic with bright leggings.

I've recently, along with many others I'm sure, have become addicted to scarves. If I do find myself wearing a rather plan outfit, than one of these will be guaranteed to liven it up while giving it a summery vibe as well. These were both $9.99 each.

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♥ Kendall ♥ said...

I have NO PERSONAL style! I'm a "fashionista" in my head but it doesn't translate well into real life. I think bc clothes fit me weird & I'm kinda lazy. I love shoes but hate for my feet to hurt so I always wear sneakers or flip flops & leave my cute shoes at home. Marshalls & TJ Maxx, ahhh you definatley have to be in the mood to "hunt". I like stuff in my face. See lazy again.
PS - Email me your address for our swap!

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