Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shop it to me baby!

I signed up for Shop it to Me several weeks ago and I just have to say..I am OBSESSED!

It's like, I never have to look for a sale online ever again.

How it works:

-You register with Shop It To Me for their free sale mails
-You give them the basics (size, email, all the important stuff)
-You check of your fave brands and many as you want! The brands range here from LV to New York & Co.
-You check how many times a week you want to recieve your "sale mail"
-Voila! Let the bargains come to you!!

I currently get two sale mails a week and it's so much easier than checking all of these random sites for sales on my fave brands.

This is like the best, free, personal on-line shopper there is!

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