Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why are people so mean?

I was going through my blog roll yesterday during my lunch break, reading up on the lives of some of my fave gals, when I got to one of my first and fave bloggers, Vanessa.

Earlier last week she had posted pictures from her sister's 18th birthday, which was a gorgeous event. Her sister looked gorgeous, her family and the venue. In her family, 18th birthday is a big event, while in my life it was my Sweet 16.

Someone (or someones?) had left some nasty comments about the party and her money situation. She responded and rightfully so!

This is "blogger world" is a world where we really put ourselves out there, by choice. Not everyone is nice or has to be nice, but there should be a level of common respect.

I'm a cheapie, total cheapie! However, that doesn't mean I can't blow money on a Coach bag, a Tiffany necklace or sports tickets or save TONS! We shouldn't judge peope on how they spend their money, because guess what? It's their money!!

I used to read blogs and be like OMG these people spend so much money on make up, but I spend that same money on season tickets, Coach bags and well, probably food lol.

Don't judge people! It just makes you look dumb dumb dumb.

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GirlAboutTown said...

i agree totally with you! hating on others is so high school..people should just get with it or get out...i hate how nasty girls can be to girls sometimes...sickening. People should just GROW UP and stop whining.

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