Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Disney Recap

Hello ladies! I'm back from Florida with nicely sunburnt shoulders and boobs..The rest of me? Pale as always!

We had record breaking high temps in Florida: 94, 96 and 97..I almost friggin died...I don't do well in extreme temps..really cold? Nope! really hot? Hell no!

I went with my mom who was there for a conference, so I spent the mornings alone at the pool with my mags and the afternoons and evenings pushing little kids out of the way to get closer to the rides lol

We stayed at Port Orleans which is like a New Orleans themed hotel. I absolutely LOVED it. The hotel had New Orleans style street signs and walkways and horse drawn carriages. Too friggin cute.

There are some things that I learned at Disney:

-Guys like boobs
-Guys don't care who they are with, kids, wives, Minnie, they will look at boobs
-Seeing how adorable the kids are at Disney makes me so excited to have kids one day
-Seeing how bratty the kids are at Disney makes me terrified to have kids one day
-America is FAT

I think that's about it lol. I have a small Disney haul that I want to share with you ladies but have to get around to taking pics. Some of the items came from the Japan pavillion at Epcot!

Some pics:

It was the Flower and Garden festival at Epcot and the topiaries were amazinnng!

1 comment:

paperdollrevenge said...

Awww look at at the topiary, too cute!

LMAO "America is FAT..." you know I think this too sometimes.

Yay for Disney World!!

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