Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Forever21 introduces Love 21

I'm not ashamed to admit that I LOVE me some Forever 21. Some of their stuff is just horrible, but if you dig enough (either through the store or website) you can find some cute, non-dispsable like items. I visit their site almost every week to see if they have udated the "Shop the Look" section, which is my fave to get ideas. Last week they said that today they were debuting their first contemporary line, Love 21. I looked at it today and it's tres cute. I don't see a HUGE difference between that and their regular line, but there are some really cute pieces and basics.

So far the in store collection is pretty limited, so check out the whole line on-line lol.


Tammy said...

I love F21!!! Why are the models for their plus size line so thin..??

And where are you going on your cruise...??

paperdollrevenge said...

I realize now that Forever 21 has different lines and that's how the big old Mervyn's is sectioned! The jacket I got is from their Twelve by Twelve line.

Now if only they just remodeled the old Mervyn's fitting rooms...they smell like musty dudes! haha

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