Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Everyone loves a freebie, don't we? Well, let me introduce you to Vista Print . How this place stays in business? I really have no idea!

My friend Bia got her save the dates from here (postcards and business cards) for free! All she had to pay was shipping. So I had to check this out myself. I registered and I waited to get an email indicating that it was freebie time. About 20 minutes later I did and I ordered a personalized pen, set of note cards and sticky pad. I was still skeptical, but willingly paid the $6.95 shipping. Two weeks later-I received it! It's so cute and all matchy and matchy and just adorable. Again, no idea how this place stays open as they are always running these freebie ads, but it's worth checking out.

I'll be leaving in a couple of hours in a xanex haze on my flight to Florida. I'll be back to regular postings next Monday. Have a great week and weekend everybody!


Pop Champagne said...

oh that's exciting! I gotta check that out :D

GirlAboutTown said...

my dentist only uses those free ones...i thought dentists always makes lots of money...LOL guess always has the logo of vista something in the back...LOL

Oh and i mentioned you on my bloggie. thanks again love for that sweet package ♥

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