Monday, May 4, 2009

What to Pack-Theme Park Edition

As I may begin my student teaching in the Fall and be BROKE for who knows how long, I plan on taking a lot of trips this summer. My first trip is to Disney World with my mom (she's ADDICTED). I leave this Wed. and will be back on Sunday. I'm terrified of flying, I mean TERRIFIED, so it'll be interesting flying down there on my own on Wed. since my mom is all ready there.

Any who, I thought since I'm taking a variety of trips to a variety of places this summer, it'd be helpful to create a what to pack article to assist you ladies in the annoying task of packing for those lovely trips.

Theme Park Edition:

1. Sneakers- You'll be walking around and dodging kids all day so this is not the time to be worried about your feet looking cute. Walking around in sandals all day will most likely lead your feet to look nasty and your feet, legs and back to hurt. No fun ladies! Look for a walking or running sneaker like these from Puma:$78

2. Shorts- I am not a short wearing person, in fact I hate shorts. But when it comes to a theme park, in the middle of summer, I make the exception. Work out shorts are an option, but with the sneakers on the feet, it will look like your heading to the gym. Try to stick with a cute denim pair or khaki pair that goes with everything.

Old Navy-$15

3. One pair of capris/linen pants-For those nights with just a bit of chill in the air it's important to have something other than booty shorts lol. This is where a nice pair of capris or a pair of thin linen pants come in handy. Plus, wearing shorts on the plane isn't the most comfy.$39.50

4. A bathing suit-DUH
Not only is a bathing suit the only time you can be really chic and not look out of a place at a theme park or a resort, it's also handy for those water rides. Since theme parks are technically for kids-let's try to keep it PG lol.

F21-$12.80 each piece

5. A convertible skirt/dress- Lots of theme parks now have nice restaurants or bar areas to go along with them (hello Downtown Disney!) This is not the time and place for those shorts and sneakers-look chic and comfy.

Cotton Spandex Jersey Dress-American Apparel-$43.00

6. Flip flops- Flip flops are a summer essential and necessary for the walks to the pool and to wear on water rides. Water logged socks and sneakers are NOT fun. Plus you can wear a pair with your skirt/dress ensemble.

Embellished Thong Sandal-ON-$19.50

7. Airy, yet supportive tank tops- When it's 100 friggin degrees with 100% humidity I don't want to be wearing something super tight. However, at the same time I don't want my girls bouncing all up and down on those damn rides all day. My perfect solution- the racer back tank AND racer back bra.

VS Racerback bra top-$15

VS Racerback Full Coverage Bra-$29.50

8. Sunscreen- Walking around all day in and out of rides and buildings can cause some serious sun damage on the skin. Stick with a higher SPF and remember to re-apply after lunch and after any water rides.

9. Most important- your camera! No one wants to miss out on memories with Mickey and Minnie!


Dreamer said...

you are too cute! what should I pack for a duel bachelorette weekend in memphis with all the girl cousins and a few days on Beale Street? lol..let's see what you got!

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

Have fun, you shoulda saw all the shit I packed to go to LI 2 hrs away for 2 days, lol............

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