Monday, June 22, 2009

How to Go Green-on the cheap

It seems like everywhere you turn today people are talking about "going green". Going green though, can sometimes be a bit on the pricey side. Organic apples cost more than regular ol' apples, natural skincare costs more than regular skincare, bamboo sheets cost more than cotton sheets. However, if you look around your apartment or house, there are plenty of ways to go green and not blow your green (like my lil' pun there?)

-Switch to those weird looking lightbulbs!
By switching to energy efficient lightbulbs you can save up to $45 a year on your electric bill. Oh, and they last 8 times longer than traditional bulbs. So while they may be a bit pricier to purchase, the savings will really benefit you in the long run.

-Buy a power strip. I recently read that our charges (phone, laptop, ipod, whatever) use electiricity even when we aren't charging something! So buy a power strip and plug all of your chargers into one and turn it off at night. That way you're not wasting electricity and running up your bill.

-Forgot snack sizes or 100 calorie packs-make your own! This one is one of my fave tips. Snack sizes and 100 calorie sizes are always more expensive than the big ol' big of chips or package of cookies. Don't be lazy-make your own. Buy that big back of tortilla chips, look at the label on the back and scoop out your own serving size into re-usable snack bags or tupperware containers. Saving cash and saving all that packaging=a good combo!

-Do the same for hair products and body care products. If you belong to a Sams Club or wholesale club, knows someone who does or even have a beauty care supply shop by you-it pays to buy those jumbo sizes of your fave products. At my local Sams I buy my shampoo, conditione, body wash and razor blade cartridges by bulk and save a lot of money if I was to buy them individually. Instead of lugging around that huge bottle of shampoo, I buy pretty bottles from the Container Store and put some in that. Beautifying the earth and my shower!

-Get a green thumb-grow your own herbs (or veggies if you have the space). I live in an apartment so I don't have a lot of grass to utilize to grow veggies, but I do have herbs growing in individual pots. Herbs are expensive, and fresh herbs are even more expensive. By growing my own I get yummy dishes and save some cash. I mean sad packets are only like 60 cents or something!

-Buy a Brita and a BPA-free water bottle. Seriously? How much money do we spend on bottled water? Something that is given to us for free! I know tap can taste nasty, I agree, I'm a water snob. I bought a Brita pitcher and a water bottle and now I have fresh water with out all of the waste of plastic bottles everywhere. The initial $30 investment has all ready saved me about $30 and that's only in one month.

These are just a few of the easiest and cheapest tips on how to "go green". If you search around the internet you will find tons more. It's really easy to make a few simple adjustments and know that you're saving cash and the planet. There's no reason why we all shouldn't be making one or two simple changes.


Dreamer said...

All of our light bulbs are the energy efficient ones..and we unplug everything when we're not using it, except the tvs. The toaster, the toaster oven, chargers, coffee maker..because EVERYTHING uses electricty when you're not using it. Another thing, at least out here in the midwest..recycle! you can take your soda cans, or bottles to a local grocery store, stick them in a machine and get $.05 for each one. Recycling and getting some money back!

Braeg Heneffe said...

I agree with Dreamer, appliances in the home will also sap electricity but recycling will stop electricity being used to manufacturer new products and mine for new materials.

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