Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jackie O Style

I was browsing the small style section of my local ibrary last week and came across a book by Lloyd Boston called "Before you Put That On".

The book has 365 daily style tips. A lot of the ideas were nothing revolutionary, but some were inspiring and some just wanted to make me go shopping and learn how to tailor my own clothes ASAP. There were a lot of interviews in the book with stylits and designers. Almnost every person from Tommy Hilfiger to Rachel Zoe said they regularly took style inspiration from Jackie O and definitely feel that she's their fashion icon.

As someone who has always had a fascination with the Kennedys, I've always loved Jackie O's style. I spend my summers on Cape Cod (where the Kennedy family still vacations) and 9 out of 10 women try to emulate Jackie's style exactly.

While Marilyn might have had the glamour, it was Jackie that had the class. Designers continue, season after season, to re-produce Jackie's looks and women, season after season, continue to buy the staples that she MADE staples.

I googled some pics of Jackie, and these were my favorite in terms of her classic style:

Here are some pieces I found around the web, that just SCREAM Jackie. They are pefect fo that effortless summer in Nantucket look.

Jackie stuck with very simple silhouettes and very simple colors and patterns. The busiest pattern I saw her wear was a tiny floral, even through the mod 60s and disco 70s. If you stick with a simple silhouette, you can look at pics of yourself in 30 years and still want to wear those items today. Jackie never was trendy, actually, she started the trends.

What to look for:
-Clean simple lines
-Close fitting, tailored pieces
-Basic colors and neutrals
-Versatile pieces-day to night, season to season

Her tops and pants, were the same simple, classic style as her dresses and skirts. Of all the pics I looked at, Jackie alwaysh had a simple blouse or top and it was always crewneck. Again, the clothing fit close to her body with out being tight.

What to look for:
-Crewnecks in basic colors and neutrals
-Nautical inspired looks, with out being "themey"
-Tops with stretch in them

Honestly, when it comes to Jackie O, does it get more fabulous than those big, black sunglasses? Jackie made them famous over 40 years ago, and we still continue to lust over them. The perfect big pair of black sunglasses you can take you from drab to fab in a second. Also, no outfit is complete with out a basic pair of pearl earrings. I never saw Jackie wear a lot of high heels, she mainly stuck with comfy flats and her fave accessory besides the sunnies and pearls? A perfect scarf!


Tammy said...

Love this post!! I was actually going to do a fashion post today too...great minds!!

Jackie O always looked so chic.

Smirking Cat said...

I love classy and elegant. I will take that over "look at me" trendy anytime.

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