Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June Style Challenge

I complained a couple of months ago how much I hate my style and just think of it as being "blah". Unfortunately, that hasn't changed much yet. So I've decided to give myself a style challenge for the month of June (I know, I'm a few days behind).

Last month, Kimberly of Fab Finds Under $50 created a daily inspiration calendar, which helped guide her outfit choices for the month of May. I absolutely loved the idea, but I honestly didn't have clothes to make up half the outfits. She recently came out with her June calendar and with picking and choosing from both the May and June calendars I was able to come up with enough for the month. I'm not going to go week by week like hers (she even put it in Google calendar, how awesome is she?), but make myself a checklist of outfit inspirations to use through out the month.

Mel's June Style Challenge:
-Jewelry as the main focus
-Khaki Pants
-Black and pearls
-Flower Power
-Purple and Yellow
-A little vintage mixed in
-Short over long
-Maxi dress
-Patterned dress
-Tan and yellow
-Dress and scarf
-Black and white
-Pattern mixing
-Bright colors and white
-Urban Safari Chic
-Black with a pop of red
-Add a scarf
-Belt it
-Polka dots and something else

I think this gives me enough to choose from for the month of June..I'm missing some of the stuff (pop of red, pattern mixing), but I all ready have some shopping lists made of what will fill those requirements. Oh yea, and this also means I'll be taking a pic every morning a la Kimberly. I can't guarantee they will be as clear and as in on focus, or posted every day, like hers, but they will be here!

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Kimberly said...

This is awesome!! This is exactly what I meant for the calendars to do. You don't have to take it word for word - day by day. It is simply a tool to help in any way possible. Can't wait to see the daily photos and would love it if you joined the new Flickr Group @ http://www.flickr.com/groups/fabfindscalendarinspiration/

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