Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Haulage Weekend

Hello lovelies!

Last week and last weekend I went on a major haulage weekend. Ok, not too major, because nothing at the outlets sparked my interest enough to go crazy. I did pick up some good stuff online.


I made my first ever DSK purchase! I purchased Eki's summer necklace (even though it has pink in it and I hate pink!) Steph sent it out super quick and I got it and absolutely love it! It just sparkles and I find myself playing with it a million times a day.

Krystal's Blog Sale:

I was browsing through the new blog sale directory and stumbled upon Krystal's blog sale. Great prices and products. I bought my FIRST Coastal Scents product-the 28 neutral palette! Total love! I also bought two NYX jumbo pencils in "pots and pans" and "cottage cheese" to add to my bases collection. Thanks for fab products at fab prices and super quick delivery Krystal!

Then this weekend I also stopped at the outlets in the Poconos. I had been saving for weeks to do some serious clothing damage for my upcoming student teaching internship. Needless to say, I was super disappointed. I guess since they had sold out of so much of the summer clearance and still hadn't fully stocked the fall stuff that it was a bad transition time to go.

I did manage to pick up a wallet from the BR outlet for $20:

..And the Little Darlings Pink Lips set from this past holiday collection from the CCO ($15). Let me tell you-this store had TONS of Mac, but I hated this store. I was the only one in there and the woman followed me around like I was going to steal was so annoying! I probably would have bought a lot more if I wasn't stared down at like some damn criminal.

And some adorable accessories from J.Crew. I LOVE this floral belt and it was only $8. Also, I jumped on the headband wagon thanks to Blair from GG. This lil' cutie was $3.

Finally, after getting home I stopped at Target and got the cutest train case. It's my first, baby's first train case lol. It's Caboodles and it seriously takes me back in the day when Caboodles were cheap plastic and neon colored. Ahh, the good ol' days. This cute little guy was $22. Let me tell you though, it has a lot of space and opens super wide. I love so far. I'll take some pics when I fill it!


KRYSTAL said...

glad u received it quick! thanks for your purchase, hun! love your dsk purchase!

lipton|TEE said...

I love the wallet and the train case. Target does a really good job of providing makeup cases and bags.

eki said...

yay you got your DSK! <3 that train case is really nice and a great price too!! :D

Tammy said...

I have the neutral palette too!! I haven't really touched it yet though..grr..time to change that..

Did you go to the CCO in Woodbury..?? I swear they always follow me around when I'm there...

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