Sunday, July 5, 2009

Style Challenge-Maxi Dress

I have just sucked with posting pics of my daily outfits. I honestly don't know how people do it. I always say I'm going to do it as soon as I get home, and I forget and begin working out or shower. So why not get my lazy butt up like 1 minute earlier and try to do it then? I'm going to force myself to do it every day this week. Let's see if I can stick to it.

Anywho, this is my first maxi dress. I bought it for my cruise the day I met my Kendall love. I always thought that short girls couldn't wear maxi dress. Maybe we can't, but i feel stylish and oh so comfy in it.

Maxi Dress-F21-$14
Grey shrug-Filene's-$15

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

You look beautiful in this maxi dress!! I too love to wear maxi dresses!! Color of your dress is very pretty!!

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