Wednesday, August 5, 2009

11 Things That Make Me Happy Tag

My Jersey love Tammy tagged me on her blog for 11 Things That Make Me Happy!

1. I'm stealing her number one answer- it's Cape Cod!

I've been going there since the womb and have continued to go every summer. The water is always freezing and always full of seaweed, but it's just something about being there that equals instant relaxation. Everywhere you go, you can smell the salt water and there's sand everywhere. Being there really feels like a vacation.

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2. My family and friends
This is a give in I know. My family and friends, mostly family, drive me insane, like beyond insane. However, in just 5 months I'll be moving away from them for the first time (other than college) and I get panic attacks just thinking about it.

3. My boyfriend
Also, a give in, I know. We've been together for almost five years and I don't think it's possible for someone to be in love with someone more than I am with him. We've done so many things together all ready and gone on so many trips and adventures just the two of us. He gets along with all of my loco friends and tolerates my loco family lol. He even walks my dog :)

My bf and my puppy!

4. My dog!
Honestly, no one is as happy when I walk in the door as my dog is. It's like I haven't seen him in a million years. When I'm having a bad day, all I have to do is walk in the door and I'm instantly in a better mood!

5. Barnes and Nobles
I LIVE for Barnes and Nobles lol. I mean, I could spend an entire day in there and have a fabulous time. From the books, to the magazines, to the journals, and the additions of Starbucks- give me a comfy chair and I'm good to go.

6. New York City
I'm a New York girl through and through. When I get mad, Jason tells me I sound exactly like Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny! LoL..As soon as I step off the express bus or into Grand Central, I just take in the rush of the city and I automatically start walking faster (you have to!). From the food, to the sites, to the people. Nothing can compare to NYC.

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7. Babies
I love looking at babies, holding babies, thinking about babies. No I'm not ready for a baby of my own, this is only other people's babies lol. With babies every little progression is a huge deal, I think that it should always be that way!

8. My sports teams
Even though my baseball team-the Mets-are doing horrible, I live and love for my sports teams. I've been a Mets fan as long as I've been going to Cape Cod and was the only Mets fan in my high school. I took great pride listening to all of the Yankees fans tease me and then have a few of those fans all of a sudden root for the Mets when they did well. Worst or first-I'm always there. My other sports love is Penn State. For four years I was there, I didn't miss a game, even with a looming case of mono. Honestly, I've been to a Mets/Yankees World Series game and it doesn't compare to a regular home game at Beaver Stadium. <3

9. Online shopping
Online shopping, or online window shopping, has saved me from many a bored day at work. With the discovery of Ebates last year, I did almost ALL of my Christmas shopping online. It is just the best idea ever. God Bless Ebates and coupon code searches lol.

10. Make up sites, Youtube and you!
It is honestly sites like, beauty blogs and youtube that got me into make up big time and encouraged me to start a blog of my own. I love this blogger community and I watch at least one beauty you tube vid every single day-I kid you not. I love you gals (and guys) even if you make me spend money lol!

11. Beauty mags, Fashion mags and gossip rags
Honestly, between all the textbooks for my class, the stuff to read at work and even a good book I'm into, the brain needs a break. That's where the abundance of my mag subscriptions come into play. Sometimes I just need some mindless reading.

I tag-who ever wants to fill this out! Let me know if you do-I want to read it!


Tammy said...

Ok so here's the deal...I'm coming with you to Cape Cod..I'll pay for all the Hearth & Kettle meals!!! haha!!

I'm a huge Barnes & Noble fan too!! Lately I've been trying to stay away though bc I still end up buying things even though I've been in the store all

Vanessa M. said...

awe i <3 your 11!

DSK said...

Oooh I wanna go to NYC again <3 it must be so nice this time of year

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