Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Wardrobe Necessity

I hate ironing. I really do. I let a pile of clothes stack up in my closet that need to be ironed. Something I don't mind nearly as much as ironing? Steaming. Right after college my boyfriend bought this massive clothes steamer to use on his work clothes every day. I didn't want one so big, so I tried out this lil' fella.

Image from HSN

This little guy can be purchased by clicking here for $23.95 plus shipping.

I've had this for a couple of weeks and I just love it. I really think this is an item every woman (and man!) need in their wardrobe. It takes half off the time of ironing and instead of ironing out a stack of clothes each weekend or whatever, u can steam your outfit right before you put it on.

It takes less than a minute to heat up and I'm able to get one whole outfit plus out of one "tank" of water. If you don't want to purchase a big steamer or want something a little bit more portable, than this is for you. This also makes steaming curtains a lot easier since it's so lightweight.

-A variety of colors (I got the blue one!)
-Heats up very quickly
-Gets the job done
-Works great for clothes, upholstery and curtains

-Tiny, you have to refill often if you're doing a big job

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