Thursday, September 3, 2009

Closet Couture-Totally as if!

The ladies of my generation, and every generation since, will make at least one Clueless reference in their life. Look it up-it's a fact! If you've ever said "whatever" to something or someone annoying or stretched out your vowels a bit a la Valley Girl style, you have the cinematic genius that is Clueless to thank.

Even as a younger gal, I beyond envied that awesome "virtual" type closet system Cher had. Who didn't?!!

::Photo courtesy of Sweet Contemplation on Photobucket::

I've long dreamed of having a massive closet and installing a similar system. When I grew up I realized that was pretty darn impossible unless you were seriously loaded. Well, minus the whole dry cleaners style moving racks and massive closet, I found something closet.

My newest online addiction, Closet Couture. This site is similar to poupee girl in that you photograph your clothes and post them in your online closet. Then it' kind of like Polyvore in the sense that you create collages to make outfits. I'm just addicted at looking at the stylish people and the outfits they post. You can follow people and even look up similar fashion items as the ones you have in your own closet. People can comment and inspire you to jazz up some boring pieces.

I plan on going through my closet this weekend and getting rid of some stuff and taking some stuff to the tailor. I'm going to start photographing. Even though I can try on different outfits together, I now have the ability to create outfits any time of day from any computer. It's also nice to have a visual snapshot of what i have in my closet so I don't overspend. Yes my darlings, I am in love!

Let me know if you want me to send you an invite to join so we can automatically link up or if you join on your own!


Chris Elia said...

So happy you are loving ClosetCouture! I remember your outfit you posted from the site, I loved it. Thank you for the coverage, and have your friends pick out your outfits too - that is my favorite part of the site - that they can just hop in and dress you from anywhere! xx Chris (ceo and founder)

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

Ohhhh, I don't own anything that's cute enough to photograph :(

The Bargainista said...

ok, seriously, I can not WAIT to try closet couture!!! I too wanted Cher's closet...I mean, what girl didnt, right?!

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