Friday, September 18, 2009

Fashion Launches-Lauren Conrad for Kohls and Anna Sui for Target

As of today I am putting myself on a No Buy for make up. My paycheck has gone from a full time crappy paycheck to a 10 hour a week crappy paycheck. The emphasis is on crappy. I have bought a lot of make up and don't use enough of it. I'm actually going to start doing a look of the week to get some feedback on my make up skills. I'm all about feedback lately since I get tons during my student teaching lol. I also want to add to my wardrobe, because it is lacking!!!

Two major discount fashion launches happened this week, two that I was really excited about. One lived up to the hype and one failed (in my eyes) miserably.

Fashion loser of the week:

LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls

This line is as boring and as crappy as her now defunct over priced fashion line. I'm assuming they are just releasing a few pieces at a time, because as of now there are like 10 shirts, 2 dresses and a couple pairs of jeans.

I know LC wears a lot of basics and I really dig LC's style. This line doesn't seem to reflect her personal style at all. It's just another route to make some cash.

The plus side? It's better then Heidi's now defunct fashion line! OMG-zebra print hot shorts Mrs. Pratt?

Fashion winner of the week:

Anna Sui for Target

Gossip Girl here...I ADORE this line, I love it. This line, especially Blair's collection, is going to cost me a lot of money. I haven't been to my local Target yet to feel the quality of these pieces, but overall I'm impressed with the durablity of most of Target's clothes that I have purchased.

My lust list:

Floral Metallic Jacquard Dress a la Blair-$45- All ready out of stock :(

Serena's Feather Dress- $70.00

Jenny Silk Patterned Dress- $60.00

Sorry Vanessa, not feeling any of your looks.

Any of you lucky ladies pick up any of these looks?


♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

I don't want to wear fall clothes!!!!!
I've been on a NO BUY since like July..... I'm super broke and everything I get goes in the moving fund or the hair fund (when it comes to my hair I don't play!)

Ethereal Prey said...

I snagged up the blue blair inspired dress and the striped jenny inspired dress. I wasn't feeling vanessa's look, reminds me of a turkey day spread. But yeah anna sui for target = ftw! she also has a perfume there too. Haveyou tried it?

Mykeshia said...

I was eyeing that blue dress. It was just alright without the belt, it fit very tight. But I thought that the price point was way to high for Target.

I really liked the black sheer dress thing with pokadots, but again I and not paying $50 for a sheer tunic!

Tammy said...

Anna Sui - I don't wear dresses enough to justify paying these prices. I did check out the dresses in store though & they are beautiful!! I really loved the Jenny Silk Pattern Dress, that I would buy if I had the extra cash. The Serena feather dress isn't as pretty in person. I was really disappointed with the Vanessa dresses, I know she's bohemian & all, but the line had the pukiest colors!

Fell 4 Fashion said...

Thats such a shame about LC. I so love her style, you'd think she'd have a better line!

rakeback said...

Lauren is such a talented designer. I have followed her since she was on Laguna Beach and again on The Hills, and shes such a beautiful woman. I hope she continues down the successful path she's on.

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