Monday, September 14, 2009

Review: Remainder of ELF Haul

This is the long overdue review of the remaining items in my ELF haul. I tried to use the eye shadow transformer mentioned in the previous review post, but noticed zero difference. Anyone else who has this product notice that?

Any who, on to the review:

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in black:

ELF site description:

Get no smudge with no-budge eyeliner, which creates a fabulous and fresh look of precision that lasts for hours. The smooth pen applicator easily glides on color for very fine to bold lines for effortless beauty.

Overall, for only a buck, I was seriously impressed. The pen can go from thin to fat depending on the angle used and I've had it for a couple of weeks and store it cap side down and it's not dry at all. The color really is waterproof. I would definitely order this in other colors.

Brightening eye color in Punk Funk:

ELF Site Description:

Luxuriously smooth, corn silk formula provides eyes with a neutral base and an awakened brightness. The formula blends into skin for a long lasting, beautiful effect. The 4 color quad allows for both natural and dramatic looks. Mirror in compact included.

Honestly, I love these ELF compacts. For only $1.00 the pigmentation is quite impressive. This quad has a frosty white with a slight pink undertone, a matte blue, a matte purple and a pink that is a little too glittery for my liking. The purple and blue in this quad is really impressive, but the pink is just way too glittery for me.

Hollywood Eyelashes Set

ELF Site Description:

No mess, lash beautification for a Hollywood glamour look. Achieve lashes like the celebrities with this all-in-one kit.
Kit Includes: Lash applicator, lash stand, false lashes and adhesive glue.

This kit has a pair of lashes, lash glue, a stand and an applicator. I'm still quite a newbie at the lash game so I thought this would be a good kit to try. All around, I'm glad I got this kit for 75% off. The lashes look and feel a bit wire-y compared to the Ardells I've tried. The lash stand is kind of pointless and the applicator is a glorified chip bag clip. The glue is the only part that's half way decent.


Dreamer said...

get me some of that eyeliner for the wedding!..probably in brown. i feel like black is too much for my pale skin and baggy eyes.

Tammy said...

I was going to buy this lash kit because I wanted the applicator I'm a newbie when it comes to lashes too!! This Saturday I finally learned how to apply my first set of dramatic lashes. Yay!!!

I tried doing a video showing my technique, but I kept blocking the camera. Fail!! LOL

We should try to set something up before 10/10 when Kendall leaves!! Even if it's just dinner that's cool...I'm willing to drive to see you ladies, you don't have to come to NY.

Fabuless Beauty said...

Would you recommend ELF Lashes? Are they comparable to Red Cherry?

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