Tuesday, October 6, 2009

FIRST Look of the Day

Hello lovelies!

A couple of weeks ago the amazing Pink wrote a blog post about self-confidence. The post was amazing and really got me thinking about my own self confidence. I read an overwhelming amount of beauty blogs, yet I never post a look of the day or try to get advice on my own make up skills. I can say it's because my make up skills aren't as good as other bloggers, but that's not the reason. I've never been confident about the way I look, and that feeling still resonates within me today. I hate my skin and my hair and my fat face and my teeth and my smile, and the list can go on and on. I hate pictures of just myself and rarely take them.

However, after reading her post and doing some soul searching about where my life is going, I asked myself, "WHY?" Why am I so down on myself? Twenty years from now when my boobs are hitting the floor and wrinkles are creeping there way on my face, I'm going to be so pissed I didn't think I was beautiful when I was 24. So thank you to Pink and my lovely blogger friends who have not only helped me learn some sick make up skills, but feel a bit more beautiful.

So allow me to introduce you to my first look of the day with my beyond terrible camera and Revlon lashes that wouldn't stay put lol:

I did a really soft daytime smokey eye, I wore this to work and got lots of compilments from my 10 year old students lol.

Mark moisturizer
Avon Magix Primer
NYX Green Concleaer Stick
NYX Concealer in a Jar
ELF Orange/Peachy under eye corrector
ELF concealer (Studio line)
EDM Ivory Foundation
BE Mineral Veil
ELF Studio Line Golden Bronzer all over

Mac MSF Blonde

ELF Plumping Gloss in Ruby Slippers

Revlon Cream Shadow in Champagne Shimmer (soo old!)
ELF Smokey Eye Palette (silver and cream shadows only, couldn't wear the black to work!)
ELF Waterproof liner pen in black
Revlon lashes in Intensifying
Clinique All About Eyes mascara

This look is so nice for the day and goes well with my glasses. I didn't wear the lashes to work obviously, doesn't work well with glasses lol.

These Revlon lashes were gorgeous! However, the adhesive strip was awful! The reviews I've read about the lashes not staying put at the outer corner were totally true. I carefully applied them and within minutes the end was popping up a bit. This was only my second try with lashes, but my first results with Duo lash glue were a lot better. I'm just going to use these lashes with Duo.


paperdollrevenge said...

Fat face?! You are crazy!! You so do not have a fat face...nerd! I'm glad you finally did a LOTD! Very pretty. The MSF Blonde looks really nice on you!

lolsmileyface said...

hi, i randlomly happened upon you and must tell you that your eyes are so pretty! and you have an interesting mouth also. do not down yourself. you rock mama!

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