Friday, October 2, 2009

A mini Haul

This is a mini haul from like 9 billion years ago! A while back Tammy was having a blog sale. Her prices were like beyond amazing, so I decided to partake in some beauty luxury.

I ordered:

Benefit Georgia blush- a peachy blush
Benefit Lemon Aide- an eye neutralizer and primer
Mac lippies in Soft Pause and All's Fair

The lippies are super dark, but I dab it on my lips after applying some lip balm and it gives me a sheer lip stain like appearance. I actually really like the look of these lippies on, because it gives my pale skin a more porcelain like appearance.

The Lemon Aide is awesome. It completely neutralizes the discoloration in my eyes. In terms of a crease proof primer though it's not the best. For just going to work with a subtle neutral eye though it works. Even if I want to just wear this, it completely brightens up my eye area.

The blush was kind of dissapointing. To be honest, I'm so glad that I got this so cheap from Tammy. I don't know if I'm too pale for it or what, but it left a shimmer on my cheek and nothing else, no color what so ever! I used the brush that it came with and a couple different blush brushes and NADA! Save your money on this product.


Vanessa M. said...

oh no i really wanted the blush eep good to know its not all that :/

Tammy said...

You should use the blush as a highlight, I think it might work better for you that way.

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