Saturday, October 24, 2009

Workouts on the Cheap

I've made it known that I'm not a gym type of gal. Not only do I want to spend the money on the fees, I'm just not comfortable going to the gym. It's too competitive for me and I feel like I'm oogled out and it's just not my scene. I'm definitely a work out dvd type of gal. All though work out dvds are usually cheap on Amazon or Best Buy, there are just so many options out there how do we know what to buy?

Well, if you have cable through a major cable provider with on demand services, you can probably try tons of work outs for free! I subscribe to Verizon Fios and get free On Demand services through Exercise TV. I've tried work outs varying from yoga, to pilates, to Carmen Electra's Stripaerobics, to my new current fave Lisa Rinna's Dancing with the Stars workouts. They even have my fave Jillian Michael's workouts and Girls Next Door workouts.

Contact your service provider or play around with your remote to see if you have free on demand services!

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Anonymous said...

Another great option is -- what I like about them is I can download the exercise video right from their website. Also, great selection of workouts.

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