Monday, November 2, 2009

New Products Galore!

Two of my fave discount beauty brands, ELF and NYX are seriously rolling out the new products just in time for the holidays! I'm still on a no buy, but there are quite a few items that I will be adding to my future shopping list.

New ELF Products:

Lip Stains

Minty Lip Glass
add glossiness and fresh breathe in one step!

High Def Powder

For $3, it's worth a shot!

Brush Cleaner and Brush Shampoo

I'm so excited to try these out! I've been using some shampoos and face washes lol

NYX has added TONS of full palettes to their selection. These palettes are similar to the Blockbuster Kit from Sephora. They are full of shadows, glosses, blushes, powders, everything! These are complete make up kits in one thing! There are 9 new palettes and the link for them is here. I'm only going to feature the ones that I'm super interested in them, because I don't want to put too big a hole in your pockets!!

The Bronze Goddess Box- $30

I love the warm, summery colors in this kit. The palette has 12 shadows, 6 bronzers and blushes and 5 lip colors.

Eyeshadow Palette- $25

This palette comes with 78 colors, including some larger shadows in basic, smokey colors.

I always worry about quality when it comes to palettes. I know the quality of the NYX trios isn't as good as the NYX singles, so I wonder what the quality is like on these babies.

Has anyone tried any of these products on here? I'm wondering whether I should keep them on my wish list or not!


Marce said...

I haven't tried any of these products, or the brand, but for the price I'd be glad to! I've read great reviews on the studio line, so if you google it I think you'll find some good feedback. =)

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

Girl, wash your brushes with Baby Shampoo!!! I use generic Baby Shampoo, lol!!! It's like $3 at Walmart or Target and lasts forever.
I want the NYX palette, but your right about the color pay-off.
It's November!! When are you coming *tear*

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