Sunday, November 29, 2009

Review: Mark Mega Volume Hairspray

I bought Mark's Mega Volume Hairspray a couple of months ago with high hopes. I really like Mark products and this was the first hair product of theirs that I tried. I've been on a volume kick lately and re-discovered this product in my hair care arsenal, only to be reminded why it got pushed to the back in the first place.

Description from the
Mark website:

Superior-hold formula keeps even the biggest do up and out there yet still feels soft to the touch. Contains soothing geranium and chamomile extracts. 6 fl. oz.

This actually works great as a hairspray to hold an updo or even curls on a windy day, but this is by NO means a volumizing hairspray or does it feel soft to the touch.

First of all, I've always pictured volumizing hairsprays as being in aerosol form so you can get that fine mist needed to tease and add volume. This spray has a regular pump spray.

So that was my first dissapointment. Next is the touchability factor. I think due to the fact that it's not a fine mist spray, it just makes one section hard and sticky. Ewwaaa! I've tried spraying it farther away from my head and then it just does nothing.

The smell does save it a bit, so I won't throw it out completely, but save it for intricate updos, pony tails, or curls that I don't want to move. This product really shouldn't be advertised as a volumizing product.

Price: $5
Where to buy: or
Would I buy again: No

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