Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tag- 9 Most Worn Things

I loved the tag that Fafinettex3 did on her 8 most worn things. So I decided to do one of my own, with different items.

1. Most Worn Shoes

These are my Monday through Friday work horse shoes! These Kenneth Cole's I scored for $25 from Marshall's Shoe Source. They have a sneaker bottom and tons of padding on the inside and are so comfy! I spend a lot of time on my feet in the classroom and these are perfect!

2. Most Worn Blush

Mac MSF in "Blonde" from the BBR Collection. I'm pale enough that this works as a blush and highlight. I ADORE this color. The texture, the color, the sheen, it's just perfection. I wear this on my cheeks at least three times a week.

3. Most Worn Shadow Palette

WnW Ultimate Expression Palette in Paradise Cove. This palette is friggin awesome! Seriously, it was like $5 and the pigmentation and color selection is awesome. I use this for my neutral days and for my purple days.

4. Most Worn Hair Accessory

How boring is this one?? I have a lot of fun headbands, but I work with a teacher who is sort of on the conservative side in terms of dress so I keep it simple. You can see how much I wear this black band by the fraying on the bottom!

5. Most Worn Polish

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails color in Cinnamon Pop. I love this color. It's just a fun shimmery red with out being over the top (as long as you have short nails). I don't really notice it making my nails any harder, but I do love the color.

6. Most Worn Shirt

I love this purple plaid shirt from Eyeshadow which I bought at Nordie's Rack. It's a thin see through fabric, but with a tank underneath it it's still comfy enough to wear in the current fall weather. It looks great with skinnies or with some black skinny pants.

7. Most Worn Jewelry

This is my daily arsenal of jewelry. The rings and bracelet I wear everyday and the earrings I wear at least three times a week. My necklace I almost change daily so I couldn't really include that.

The earrings are diamond inside out hoops from Lia Sophia
The rings are the Open Heart from the Elsa Peretti Collection from Tiffany and my PSU school ring
The bracelet is the New York Bracelet from Tiffany. Jason got this for me last Christmas so I could always have NY with me when I'm moving all around the country with him <3

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♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

You tagged me that!!! I'm a student! I don't have time to be playin' blogger games!
I'm not doing my tag until you tell me when you coming here to save me from giant spiders!

Vanessa M. said...

woo! gna do this :)

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