Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CVS 75% Off Haul

After reading about Van's 75% off haulage from CVS I had to get my butt over there. I was really surprised that they still had a lot of stuff left. I'm trying to cut down on my make up purchases though so I only picked out a few items. Luckily, I'm super happy with all of the items and paid a total $8 for 4 Revlon items!

Revlon Matte Shadow in Venetian Blue
Revlon Colorstay Soft and Smooth lippies in Blushios and Plush Peony
Eye Make up Eraser Pen
Revlon Beyond Natural Defining Mascara

Venetian Blue
Plush Peony

Shadow Review:
I read previous reviews on these shadows that said they were a bit chalky, but I was quite impressed with the shadow. It is a bit on the chalky side, but over a primer it glides on smoothly and the pigmentation is really impressive. I think I'd even pay the $5 full price for this one lol.

Lippies Review:
I really like these lippies too, over a lip balm they aren't drying and are decently long lasting. However, the Blushious color doesn't look too hot with my non-white teeth. I just purchased the Crest Advanced Seal Whitening Strips, so I'll probably use this more after I finish that regiment.

Eye Make up Eraser Pen Review:
I LOVE this product. I wish I bought two, so I could keep one in my purse and one with my makeup! This product is awesome and is perfect to fix mistakes and smudges. It dispenses the right amount of product so it doesn't leave your eyes damp or anything or runs to your other make up. Seriously, everyone should have this to carry around with them to fix mid-afternoon smudges!

I haven't tried the mascara yet. I only use one mascara at a time since they expire so quickly.


Vanessa M. said...

woop woop!!!! loving the haul

Tammy said...

I hauled a few things from CVS because of Van I think I'm going to pick up that eraser pen today. =)

Lisa said...

oh boy.
I seriously took crazy advantage of this clearance! I spent about $200 at CVS last week :X.
Most of the things, I'll end up giving to girls who make purchases from me :D.
I didn't see the Eye Make up Eraser Pen at my CVS :(

Iyah said...

Great haul!! woot woot! that is a lot of stuff!! YAY!

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