Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Neutrogena Wave Review-EDIT

My mom got me a Neutrogena Wave for a stocking stuffer for Christmas. I was really excited to get this, because I had read some decent reviews on this product on blogs and Makeup Alley. The package comes with one Wave, 14 cleansing pads and two batteries.

I had all ready determined that I wasn't going to use this daily, just a couple times a week. I don't like to over exfoliate because I have really sensitive skin, plus the cleansing pads have salicylic acid in them which is drying for me.

I opened it the night I wanted to use it and I don't know if it as just mine or what, but I needed like the power of she-hulk to open up the damn battery thing! It took myself, my mom and my mom's boyfriend to finally get it open.

It's a pretty small device and can be brought into the shower.

To put on the cleansing pads you simply push them down onto the top. The top has these prickly little "fingers" that keep the pad on the device. The pads are only one time use, which is another reason I don't use this every day.

There are two cleansing speeds, regular and deep clean. To change the speed you simply press the speed button on the device. I find that the deep cleaning speed is a little too harsh for my sensitive skin.

After using this product only once, it's really amazing how smooth my skin felt immediately afterwards. It also does an amazing job at taking off all my face make up. Do I notice a difference in pore size or skin luminosity? Not really, but I love the feeling of it so much that this will definitely be a part of my skin care routine.


My love, Pop Champagne asked if you could use your own cleanser with these pads. Unfortunately you can't. There is s deep cleaning wash on the pads and the refill pads have three options: deep cleaning, deep exfoliation and acne wash..which all come with cleansers all ready on them.

Price: $12-$17 for the Device
Refill pads: $7-$9 for 30
Where to buy: Drugstores, Target, Walmart,
Would I buy again: Yess!!


Dreamer said...

I'm totally getting this!

Pop Champagne said...

really, they've been advertising this hardcore, now that I read your review I want to get it too. How does the cleansing pad work? does it come with soap on it already? like can I use my own cleanser and put it on the pad?

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