Friday, January 22, 2010

Turning the big 2-5

January 15th was my..UGH I HATE SAYING IT, 25th birthday. The big 2-5. It's weird, I hate saying that I'm 25, but I'm looking forward to getting older. I just got my masters, don't have my career yet and still live at home. I'm looking forward to like age 27 where Jason and I will FINALLY be together, I'll be working and happy and have an apartment of my own to decorate.

Last Saturday my friends and I went out to this restaurant/ loungey place by me called Vintage. The place was recently re-done and it looked s0o0o nice. I swear, I always forget to take pics of food, I'm such a bad blogger!! I had the penne capri- penna with a light tomato sauce and mozerella...sooooo good!

I invited a lot more people to my party, but only my very best friends showed up. I called this the VIP party.

The blonde is my friend Danielle and the brunette is my bff since we were 5-Ally. Looking at all these pics made me realize what terrible posture I have lol. That has officially become my number one resolution-work on my posture.

The girl on my right is my friend "Momo". She stopped by for a few minutes because she had two other parties to go to that night- busy lady lol. The boy sitting next to me his my very best friend, my brother- Anthony. He is by far the funniest person I ever have and ever will meet. Sitting next to him, is his lil' sis another one of my bff's, Mamita.

I like NEVER EVER drink. I'll drink a glass of wine or two and then I cut myself off, so for me to do a shot it was a big deal lol. But..jolly rancher shot? YUMMO

I had a fantastic night with a fantastic group of friends! The highlight of the night was a game we invented "Jersey Shore". How many people walked by would be a new cast addition to the show Jersey Shore. Unfortunately in White Plains, New York, more than half the bar looked like they belonged on that show lol.


K said...

Congratulations on your 25th bday! Don't be scared, I'm a bit older than you!!!!

Tammy said...

awww...25 is only a number.

Looks like a fun time!

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