Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ultimate in Jewelry Organization

Hi, my name is Melissa and I'm a home shopping addict! I could watch QVC and HSN all day. Ok, not everything. I hate the jewelry and most of the clothes- but the beauty, craft, home and cooking stuff? YES! I love it! For my beauty gals you should check out the brands that HSN and QVC carry- Laura Gellar, Benefit, Bobbi Brown and Philosophy just to name a few and the deals are quite amazing!

Any who, my bff Ally's mother is also a QVC addict and last Christmas got her this amazing floor length mirror with full jewelry storage. It was quickly added to my Christmas list this year and my mom got it for me and I am in love!!

Lori Grenier Gold & Silver Safekeeper Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet available here for $149

I really love Lori Grenier's stuff and I just had to have this for my jewelry collection. I honestly didn't realize how much jewelry I had until I got this because I had my jewelry all over my room. My collection ranges from Tiffany to Lia Sophia to Forever 21 and i want to keep all of it safe and organized!

This mirror has an anti-tarnish lining that feels like velvet which can keep jewelry tarnish free for up to 40 years! This mirror has:
24 necklace hooks
12 bracelet hooks
1 bracelet rod
7 rows of lined shelves (which I will use for my expanding necklace collection)
Ring tray to hold up to 90 rings
Earring rack to hold up to 91 earrings

Yes ladies, this is a bit pricey, but you will be able to fit everything in here and know that it's protected! It's really important to store fine jewelry out of direct sunlight and away from the elements and this is a stylish and functional way to do so. The mirror is available as a floor standing model (which I have) or a wall mounted model and they are both the same price.

Here's an inside peek at the storage and my jewelry collection:

Open Seaseme

Pocket for necklaces and a close up pic to show you the material

Bottom necklace hooks

Bracelet Rod and Hooks- one of my fave features

Earrings- danglies and hook back earrings

Shelves and Cubbies

Top Necklace hook with pocket

Rings- Also where I keep my post (stud) earrings


amynaree said...

great storage system! i really need to organize my jewelry as well, as of right now everything is piled up in a box!

Juli said...

Oooh i seriously need some jewelry box thing like that for MY jewelry..and my ready made to sell jewelry haha

Vanessa M. said...

oh my effin jebus!!!!!!! that is way too cool! i have a BUNCH of jewelry too! i have boxes in a drawr filed and boxed all around lol omg the link didnt take me directly to it, are they still selling it?

K / BihadaDiaries said...

Wow, what a great storage system! I also have jewelry everywhere!!!

Zulfa said...

Great post. I have one in white. it's really a great organizational item. I wear my jewelry a lot more creatively ever since I organized them. I share it with SO - cufflinks and watches.

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