Monday, February 15, 2010

Project 10 Pan

I've been on a no-buy for a while, but I really want to jump on the Project 10 Pan Bandwagon, because I like goal setting and I have SO much make up thanks to my beauty bloggers and YT'ers. By forcing myself to finish or hit pan on 10 items before being able to buy another one is a great way to force myself to play with all of the stuff I still have.

My items:

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in HOLY PALE
I've had this for a while, it looks like I have about 25% left

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil
Almost all done- maybe 2 weeks worth of applications left

ELF Studio Line Under Eye Concealer and Brightener
I love this liquidy product- I use the concealer as a base layer and a light layer of my NYX Concealer over it and put the white on the inner and outer corners to brighten- About 25% left

NYX Color Collector in Green
Great to counteract redness- Not much left!

NYX Pot Concealer
I love this stuff!! Absolutely fantastic, better than my Mac Studio Sculpt! You can't tell by the pic, but I'm almost hitting the bottom of the jar in the middle

M. Asam Night Cream
Super creamy night cream- perfect for winter! About 40% left

Avon Brightening Eye Gel- Perfect for puffiness! About 20% left

Almay Creamy Liner in Brown
My everyday liner- About 25% left

NYX Blush in Angel
Perfect pop of pink on the cheeks- Just about to hit pan!

ELF Studio Line Bronzer
My perfect winter bronzer- All ready hit pan, not much to go now lol

I'll update you ladies in a month!


Ashleigh said...

colorstay is awesome...kudos to you on project ten pan...i should prob get on that bandwagon :s

Lulu said...

good luck w/ your 10 pan :) I am also doing mine right now, well not specifically trying to set up a number, but just trying to see how much I can finish in this month, thank goodness this month is already half way done :D

Tammy said...

How good is that Avon gel..?? I have some serious puffiness...

Good luck with 10 pan!

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